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With locations, both in Connecticut and in Florida, we are able to deliver your new trailer to any location along East Coast. Our extensive network of shippers can provide reasonable shipping cost to anywhere in the country and abroad. 

Our custom made boat trailers have all-aluminum structure, made of domestic-extruded aluminum stock, all stainless connecting hardware, solid carpeted cypress bunks, American made torsion axles with disc brakes, 

heavy duty winch stands, winches and drop leg tongue jacks. 

We refuse to use leaf springs axles or questionable imported components.  

We only build bunk trailers, in our opinion most roller-type trailers do not provide adequate support to the boat, their small contact surfaces act as pressure points and cause premature hull failure due to stress cracks. 

We also don't use drum brakes for marine applications, as they are prone to fail due to corrosion build-up.

We offer quality, marine grade disc brake systems with corrosion proof lines and 

surge or electric/hydraulic actuators.

All lighting systems are assembled, utilizing marine grade LED components and marine grade, 

heat-sealed connectors.

What makes our boat trailers stand out from the rest, 

is that they are made to your boat's hull specifications.  

It is not just a generic trailer off the sales floor. 

We have almost all the manufacturer's specs and hull diagrams for boats manufactured after 1985, so your trailer is measured and fabricated to fit the hull contour and lines of your boat exactly!

We guarantee it.

 If your boat doesn't fit the norm, we will go to site and measure it for you, to be sure that you get an exact fit.

When you compare prices between trailer brands, you will see that our prices are in same range with entry level, mass-produced models, but our trailers have all the features of any premium boat trailer out there.

Our goal is to build you a trailer that has every feature that you need, and nothing that you don't.


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